Monday, February 12, 2007

beginning a book

I am starting the second book of a YA trilogy. Starting any book is a leap off a high branch. I think most writers are like sugar gliders. We can't fly, but we have the illusion, for a while, that we can, and then it is time to look for a place to land. I usually land in the middle of chapter four or so and have to reground, rethink the logic of the emotions and the storyline. This is something like climbing back up to a place from which I can jump again. I am going to try to blog the process of writing a book here. We'll see.


serafina-zane said...

i like the sugar gliders metaphor...mainly because i used to be obsessed with sugar gliders, which was funny because no one knew what they were.

also, hi. Skin Hunger owned. though, even after i'd been warned by multiple people about the sudden ending, i still had the disbelieving flipping of the pages when i reached it because HOW COULD IT BE OVER ALREADY?
...i can't wait for the second book.

kathleen duey said...


Sugar gliders are little phenoms. Have you held one? It's like holding a bird, that sprinting little heartbeat, the lightwaight, hollow bones. I don't keep "wild" pets, but many animals fascinate me.

The second book is shaping up really well and I am writing many hours every day. It'll be out summer 09 or I will publish my street address so people can come yell at me if they need to.

Thanks, Thanks, THANKS for the kind words about my work.