Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Puppy updates.

The little girlpup is off to Texas to her new home. Her brothers remain, and they bounce off my office walls while I work.

I am sunk deep in the stone passageways where the second book of The Resurrection of Magic trilogy is taking place. There and on the docks in South End, the slums of Limori.

Limori is an old gypsy word.
Its meaning is central to the books.
All the place names and character names have real linguistic roots, some of them obscure, some not. Knowing the meanings matters to me. There is a resonance.


Sammy said...

I simply cannot wait for your next book! I just read "Skin Hunger" and it was one of my favorite books. When do you plan to publish the next book?

kathleen duey said...


I meant to answer you before this...for some reason, my response disappeared??

THANKS! for the kind words about the book. I can't explain how much it helps writers write--we need encouragement!

Sacred Scars will be out Spring 09. I am working on it now (Spring 08) and I love the way the story is unwinding...