Thursday, October 11, 2007

NBA finalist?? Thank you, S&S for the gorgeous flowers!!

The bouquet is huge, sweet and beautiful.
((the pix are hi-rez click for the real deal))
I am just overwhelmed and I still can't quite believe it.
I am very very happy.
And there's this, too: As I work madly on the next book--Sacred Scars--I am feeling bolder and reckless and strong--that feeling you get after you jump over a fire, and land safe. But in the same instant, I am afraid (and by afraid, I mean terrified) that it was a fluke.
Newsflash: Writers are endlessly nutty.


Victoria said...

Kathleen, They are gorgeous! Those flowers are incentive to write more and write beautifully (as you do.) Then you can start demanding enormous bouquets and extra special treatment. I confess, I actually haven't read Skin Hunger yet. I will get right to it with all the publicity. Also, After seeing your interest in dogs I should tell you that I actually work about 12 hours a week at a Dog Kennel. I have one myself. He is a terror and the love of my life. Though, aren't they always.

Disco Mermaids said...

And I am very very happy for you, too.

Correction: very very ecstatic for you.

You're such a tremendous help to other writers, it's wonderful to see this well-deserved light shining upon you.

- Jay

Rita said...

Hi, Kathleen,

I've been meaning to tell you how much I absolutely adored Skin Hunger!! This honor, it is well deserved.

I cannot wait to read the next. That's an understatement!!


Lisa said...

I just finished Skin Hunger and loved it!!! When will the second book in the trilogy be out?


kathleen duey said...

Victoria, the flowers were wonderful. But the ongoing incentive is the email I am getting about the book. I am just over the moon happy, and writing Sacred Scars as fast as I can!

Dogs, yes. My whole life is marked by stretches of 10-13 years...