Friday, February 15, 2008

work,work,work, cough, sniffle, work,

Have a flu. BAD one. Started with stomach yuck, became a nasty cough, no energy *at all* for a few days. Not anything like normal yet, day eight. Lots of people have it. I was on a plane, coming back from Orlando, the night all the tornados hit in the midwest. The air traffic controllers took us up to 36,ooo feet. Still bumpy. So we were routed south and spent an extra hour in the viral soup that is airplane-air. I sat next to a nice mother and son. The boy was, maybe ADHD--very energetic, at the least. He was charming, smart company. His mother was really nice, too. Both were coughing every ten seconds...everyone was coughing and sniffling. Sigh. Back to work. Sadima is on the edge of a decision that terrifies me. I didn't think she would do this.


Janelle said...

Oh no! Fingers crossed for Sadima! - Janelle Bitikofer

kathleen duey said...


Sadima is, just now, in a terrible place. I am scared, too, to be honest. But she has to live through it because I love her and because without her, really, all is lost. So....back to work.