Monday, September 01, 2008

Thomas Marsham's passage

It took me an hour to find this image in my files. I remembered it, the arches, the various colors of stone and brick, the proximity of ancient and modern. It is the place where Sadima is shivering, standing straight. She is becoming something I never expected, but completely understand.

I am going to be adrift and weird when I am finished with this book, which will be soon. I will have to start the third one asap.

This is Volubilis, the southernmost Roman outpost. The restored arch (brick) frames the original Roman construction beyond it. Soliders lived here. Click to enlarge.


Angela said...

Oh this is so great! Worth the hour spent looking .... it is really a view to another world!

kathleen duey said...

I took so many pictures there. It's out in the countryside, no fences,no guards, no guides, just that big sky and a pervasive sense of time passing. Or not. I have always wondered what a rock might mean by the word "soon".

C.R. Evers said...

I love this photo! There's always something that has drawn me to ruins and decaying buildings. I never knew why, but I think your description of Sadima unlocked the mystery for me. I think that in my mind, I know there's a story just begging to be told. I just need to look harder to see what my imagination wants me to see.

Great pic!


kathleen duey said...


A long time ago I wanted to be a fine art photographer and began to learn, then got derailed by my life. What I do now is with a point and shoot digital, and is almost all to feed my writing. I snap whatever evokes that little story itch...and it's really useful.

the dragonfly said...

I read Skin Hunger yesterday...the whole thing. (a difficult thing to do with a 15-month-old who just learned to walk...I read during his naps and after he went to bed.) I couldn't stop even though I had a pounding migraine.

Absolutely amazing.

I so look forward to the sequel!!!

The photo is beautiful, by the way. I've always been drawn to ruins. My husband is in the Army and we're stationed in Germany, and I've really enjoyed exploring Roman ruins and old castles. :)

kathleen duey said...

Dragonfly, loved your blog, love your baby boy. Thanks!!! for the kind words. They will help me write more and better today.