Thursday, October 02, 2008

final revisions, sequestering, thanks

This is the Paris Ministry of Culture. The facade is like lace-- rigid, metal, architectural, lace. In a shifted form, it made the transition from reality to fiction recently.

click to enlarge, to see the pattern...

The Sacred Scars final revision began at 6am this morning. A thousand thanks to everyone who has written to me about Skin Hunger. Encouragment: literally, "the act of transmitting courage" is something most writers need now and then....

And now, into the cliffs...I will be there awhile.


Candy Gourlay said...

at first, i thought it was scaffolding. cool.

kathleen duey said...

So did I.

It's extraordinary. I saw it the first time from a distance, then a few days later, walked around is surrounded by stone buildings. It looks like a daisy in a rose bed.


MmeT said...

I can't wait for Sacred Scars. I review for the Children's Literature Comprehensive Database and I've asked them to let me do Sacred. I hope they say yes! I have several sixth and seventh grade students waiting with baited breath, too.

kathleen duey said...

awwwww...thanks! I revising now, trying to tuck in all the loose ends and make sure the 300 plot threads get braided, so your kind words are really appreciated.

Tell your readers I am working hard and that the book will be out late summer/fall 09.

Thanks for teaching creatively--anyone with that shirt and that tie *has* to be a classroom blast.

Carolyn said...

You have the best photos! This is SO COOL.
I hope the revision is going well. I can't wait.

the dragonfly said...

Wow, again with the incredible photo! I'm hoping to get back to Paris while we live in Germany (I visited Paris when I was 15, what a treat!) and if I do I'm going to seek out that building. It's just so different!

Oh....Sacred Scars...there aren't words to describe my anticipation!!!