Sunday, January 11, 2009

Looking forward to Feb!!!

I will be in Milwaukee for the Wisconsin Reading Association event Feb.4-7th. I look forward to speaking to educators, librarians and readers there. And seeing friends. They have a gazillion authors coming...
February 26-28 I will be in Altlanta to keynote the SCBWI spring conference. Session titles: "Art, Craft and Filthy Commerce" and "Bricks, Mist, Voices, and Heart - Tools to try".

I include the titles, because I like them. The last two speaking gigs have had terrible titles, truly lame, I have no idea what happened to my brain. Maybe the '08 travel extravaganza? The Sacred Scars dash-to-deadline? Whatever. Embarrassing.

After these two events, I will be locked in my office until May, for BEA in NYC...then nothing else until August. I have a lot of projects in the works this year and have to stay home and write until the release of Sacred Scars.


Katie said...

It seems like you are really involved in your writing lately! Whereas, I am stuck with this horrible writer's block!


kathleen duey said...

Katie, I am *always* involved in my writing--it's my job as well as something I love doing.

On the days when nothing comes to you, try fiddling around with things that are *close* to writing. Learn five new words. Write a poem about something that matters to you, Go to the sites with thousands of baby names...pick a few you like for characters and save the list for later. Read. Look out the window and write what you see...write in a journal, etc. And if nothing gets your writer-brain going, go outside and do something else. Ideas will come from experiences, big and small.
Take care,