Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Springmingle Tut-ness

There is nothing like a trip to a museum with a knowledgeable (and brilliant) friend-docent, hundreds of astounding Egyptian artifacts, canopic jars, statues--and the sudden ending of a sudden snow storm--to bring out the silly....


e said...

I loved the extra time to hang out with you Kathleen! Even if it was under forced circumstances.

kathleen duey said...

The whole thing was wonderful for me.

Riddle: How can you tell you when have spoken to a southern region of SCBWI writers.

They send you handwritten thank you notes.

I am humbled and amazed.

Lizzay said...

Hey, I went to see King Tut. Not with you, but, uh. I was really fascinated by the fashions they wore. :)

And thanks for the compliemt, again! :*

kathleen duey said...

Lizzay...yes! The clothes, the clothes...and the beaten-gold earings. Ah!

I meant what I said on your blog. I am delighted that it made you happy.