Tuesday, February 16, 2010

writing writing writing YES I am...

I will be keeping track of my writing days again for a while. I don't have time for much else...

2 /25/ 2010  A distracted and distracting day full of good phone calls and very little writing. I did get a great idea for Free Rat midday, while digging weeds in the little jungle. Lots of stuff coming through the new website now I am findable again...and now, to write as much as I can before bed.

2/23/9:46 am   I just finished set pages on Faeries Promise #1 Silence and Stone. It looks lovely! Am close to finishing #4 The Full Moon. Can't wait to have my whole brain back on the third Resurrection of Magic Book. This morning, I reread a paragraph I type-scribbled last night in a yawningblurrstupor. It doesn't fit with *anything* but ...it kicked open a door. Looks like the strange love story is ON. And now I must write it with a tenderness of bruised-hearts despair---because it couldn't happen any other way.

2/22 2010  6: 12 pm Went over the set pages for the first Faeries Promise book: Silence and Stone. Copyedits next, then pass pages. I REALLY like the way these books are growing up...and now,for the rest of tonight, back to Limori.

2/21/ 2010 6: 15  I am writing and writing and some of it is beginning to fit together. And, for some reason, YA/adult novel ideas are pouring out of me. I stop and type them until my fingers stop, name them and save them. Most will suck when I reread notes/listen to the voice files. But some won't. More and more often, three or four of them grow together, like trees that touch. I am learning to name and rename the files in a way that lets me see this process.  Winnowing will be the hard part.  Back to the faeries....

2/20 2010  6:35 am: Nice long talk with my agent yesterday morning...trying to lay out the projects for the coming year.  I worked all day yesterday on the Faerie book and have the first half in lovely shape (60 pg ms). After that it mushes out and spins. So today....I make ginger tea (fresh ginger, grated into the steamy water) then I haul plot...

2/19 2010
Late last night, following Somiss down an alley in South End, I found out two things: first that the criminal branch of the Marsham family tree has a vested interest in his ability to keep the city-kingdom in chaos; and second, that he has a longing I would never have expected.

2/16 2010
After 2 trips and a week of uneasy mulling, I am back to full speed ahead on The Faeries Promise: The Full Moon/. It's the last of  a four-title 2-4th grade fantasy series. It is set in the same place as The Unicorn's Secret, an 8 book series getting new covers and a relaunch this Spring after 10 years in print.  My never-ending website building experience continues....http://kathleduey.com will soon include art and excerpts of both series.
I love these books. Lord Dunraven writes a law that forbids people to have contact with magical creatures and the repercussions echo for a hundred years.

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