Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Faeries and Unicorns

Lord Dunraven forbids people and magical creatures to have any contact at all. He is convinced that people who see dragons sail past overhead, or glimpse a unicorn in the woods, or hear faerie flutes on the light air of morning, are more likely to daydream--and less likely to work from dawn to dark.

When I was in 3rd and 4th grade, I dreamed about Lord Dunraven's lands every night for a year and a half. I would close my eyes here and wake up *there*. And when I lay down to sleep in the dream, I would open my eyes *here*.  It was seamless. I had two lives.

I have written two series based on those dreams:

The Unicorn's Secret (8 titles) is getting flashy-lovely new covers to celebrate 10 wonderful years in print.
The Faeries' Promise (4 titles) is almost finished.

The first Faeries' Promise title and two Unicorn's Secret titles will release together in June 2010. The rest will follow soon.

The lovely covers and chapter excerpts are here: http://kathleenduey.com/KidsBooks/


jaclyndolamore said...

Oh, that is very cool. Parts of Magic Under Glass came from dreams. I love it when my subconscious takes me somewhere.

kathleen duey said...

Didn't mean to ignore you here--even though we went on with this conversation via Twitter....Yes, I am convinced that my mind builds its best stories when I get out of its way...