Friday, October 01, 2010

Unicorns and faeries, oh my!

The new Unicorn's Secret covers are really lovely.

And the Faerie's Promise books are beautiful, too. Thanks Sandara Tang!!!

first chapter excerpts here


guenhwyvar132 aka Jenn said...

Those are really cute! What age group do you recommend these books for?

Anonymous said...

Hi- where did your website go? It's so cool, and I'm using it (and you) in my MFA graduate thesis. Totally entranced by the Twitter novel. Will the website be back soon?

kathleen duey said...


The reading level is grades 2-4, but half or more of the fan mail comes from teens and adults--as well as whole families and classrooms where it is being read aloud--which makes me very happy.

The Unicorn's Secret has been in print a decade now, S&S is giving it new covers. There are 8 slim volumes of 70-80 pages.

The Faeries' Promise is a brand new 4 volume tale, in the same 80 page format. Both series are very accessible to readers ready for chapters and are set in the lands of Lord Dunraven, following the lives of people and magical beings trying to cope with a law that prohibits any contact between them.

These stories come from dreams I had in the 3rd and 4th grade. Every night, for almost two years, I would close my eyes to sleep and wake up in Lord Dunraven’s Lands. And after a day of adventures there, I would lie down to sleep and wake In my own bed, in my real life. Except that both lives were equally real to me.

kathleen duey said...

Kim, oh thanks SO much for alerting me. ACK!!! The address they had been writing to--telling me the domain was expiring---was a VERY old email address that no longer works. I called them, paid up, and it should magically come back in an hour or two. Oh,I hope so!! Very scary. Without your comment it might have been DAYS before I noticed.

(Taking deep breath) so...if I can help you in any way with the MFA work on my books, let me know!!

Cindy said...

Love the new Unicorn's Secret cover! Is there a box set I could purchase?

kathleen duey said...

Cindy, NO one has told me there is a boxed set, so I don't think so.



Cindy said...

Bummer! Are the new covers hardcover or paperback?

kathleen duey said...

Cindy, I know. I think there should be a boxed set.

The new covers are on both hardcover and paperbacks for the Faeries.

After being in print over a decade, I am almost positive there aren't hardcovers for the Unicorns any more....except through library binders maybe. But the new art is on the paperbacks they are released.