Monday, May 16, 2011

Rochester NY Teen Book Festival. WOW.

 Heather Brewer, me, Ellen Hopkins

Terry Trueman

Plus twenty- four more teen and tween authors.....and about 4,000 other wonderful  people...

Teachers and teens fill the room... Ms. Johnston loves literature!! Her students learn about peanut butter poofs, her family in Germany--and how to read deeper and write better.

....Everyone had a fabulous time at The Rochester Teen Book Festival.  We had amazing transportation...a lovely vintage bus, classic cars!!! A marching band and a Drum Corps met us at the gate. There was amazing food, a beautiful campus, a little misty rain, and BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS.  (Note to all the teen boys who did not come to the book festival. Look at the above photos carefully. Lots of girls. Smart, interesting, girls. Next year, get on the bus!!)

Check out the art behind Heather and me...even the faculty dinner restaurant was amazing.

YAY Rochester!!!  A thousand thanks to Stephanie A. Squicciarini  and her amazing staff. Nothing went wrong, EVERY SINGLE THING went right.  If you can get to Rochester next year, do it. I am hoping to be there.  

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