Sunday, June 19, 2011

WIFYR (( Writers and Illustrators for Young Readers conference...))

I am just back from an WIFYR  conference in Utah. I met with my class for five days--four-hour sessions each day. It was the best teaching experience I have ever had. We critiqued as a group and I tried to tell them everything I know--and/or suspect about writing. Writer-bloom filled the room!!!

This is the view from the campus....the colors change with every shift of light, every cloud shadow.

The lovely, incredible and famous King's English
Bookstore  was kind enough to hold a pot-luck
dinner for authors and others. The food was so good! The people were wonderful....

and oh, the BOOKS!!!


The store is in an old and beautiful neighborhood. There are five or six interesting book rooms, a gorgeous and artsy patio, amazingly informed and helpful staffers and, as befits a premier independent *astounding* range of books.

The faculty   was full of people I like and admire, including the brilliant Holly Black, so every meal was a writer-fest.
and .....

I got to see Shannon Hale  at The King's English Bookstore!!  We once shared a panel in San Antonio and try to keep in touch. She is fun, funny, and one of the nicest people I know.

I am just hoping WIFYR will ask me back. (Are you listening Carol?)


TA Demings said...

I hope that you come back to WIFYR too! It was great having you as a mentor. I'm so glad you enjoyed your time in Utah :)

kathleen duey said...

It was fun! The vast majority of writers don't write well in verse. You do! Best of luck and keep me posted.