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Writing updates #4

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July  8 2011

Book #3 of A Resurrection of Magic, in progress:

Late last night I finally understood the difference between  the acceptance of  love and the call of duty for three of the characters. I don't like what this means in terms of where I have to start today, but I don't have a choice. And it is after ten o'clock am here in CA and I need to stop procrastinating NOW.  Sigh.  Sometimes writing is painful.
The first two of the trilogy:
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It is astounding what people can build from stone and mud: from hope and courage: from despair and longing.  
July 10 2011
Before I start to write my current work today:
Free Rat: a story that has been incubating inside me for almost 15 years. It might be the next YA  book, or maybe next to next. It took over my fingers and my brain last night again. Sometimes all I can do is listen and type.  I am thinking about it more and more because even though I began weaving it a long time ago, it seems to be weaving itself now.Maybe because every time I read the news, I realize how close to my own world it really is. Mine and yours.

And now, back to the city of Limori, and everything it is hiding...


July 13th, 2011
Trees have even more moods than people do-- This one matches mine this morning, perfectly, as I stare down the barrel of the chapter I am about to start... 

In Limori Sadima is isolated and facing a decision so huge that I keep starting the scene over and over, because it hurts to write it and the last part will be the worst if it goes the way I think it might. Hahp and Gerrard are still both alive, both angry, and scared.  I am hoping for some kind of happy ending but I can't see it from here. Yet. I am about 3/4s done. I think. I hope. It is getting longer and longer..


I wrote a scene last night that I am almost sure will be "questioned" once the book is out. Sigh. I will read it again this morning and see if I was right about it being inevitable, necessary. I am almost sure it is. No actual sex involved...but there are other things.  Fantasy seems to slip past the censorship fans. We'll see.

7 20 2011

This is me, typing.  And typing.

I am getting into the part of the book where things tighten and slowly begin to fall into place. I  find there is almost nothing I can say that isn't a spoiler. Market Square is a dangerous place now.  The poor people hold their children close and the rich are hiring guards.



First, I want to thank the people from all over the world who are reading this blog--about 500 of you this week so far!

Thanks to everyone on Face Book and Twitter who stay in touch and read these updates!!

In Limori, there is a rising chaos. This is the first time in the city's history that powerful merchants and City Magistrates (most descended from the old royal houses) are dealing with Magicians who have prolonged their lives in order to perfect magic. This is the first time Eridians have had both wealth and influence. There will be no easy victory this time, fought only by guards hired by each faction. There will be no behind-closed-doors compromises made.

Sadima, Hahp and Gerrard are still alive... and that's all I can say without spoilers. (trust me, I just tried four or five times to be vague enough and couldn't.)

Thanks for all the messages here and FB and Twitter and my website
Every kind word about my books is wonderful and appreciated.

Taken from a train window on the way to San Luis Obispo....marshes are lovely to me.  There are marshes north of Limori's South End. Sistra's mother is buried there. I had no idea how important that would become in the third
 book. .....where and how she was buried. 


7 22 2011

Sometimes it is music that shows me how to write a scene.  This morning, thanks to Elvis Costello and Fiona Apple for a lesson in immersion, conflict and  pain.  (and thanks to Richard for sending this to me weeks ago. I have watched it many times since)

San Luis Obispo train ride...The tracks come so close the the edge of the close ..... 

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