Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dear biggest fan, THANK YOU for getting in touch with me.

I try to thank everyone who writes to me. I can't keep up now, no matter how hard I try. The letters mean a lot to me--they make me smile and laugh and sometimes cry. The following message did all three. It came to me last night. I have no idea how old the writer is, and have taken out a few references to protect privacy. Here it is:


I'm your biggest fan!!
i loved and still love and will continue to love your skin hunger trilogy for a very very long time^^you have no idea how long i've been waiting for the third book of the series to be finished. Hopefully it will be published and within grasp of my sticky fingers soon. I've read your book at least 4 times and im reading it again right now as well since i heard the last book is finished. Please don't think im a stalker...haha im just purely(?) in love with your book. im a fantasy or supernatural lover and i have read many many books in these genres. and i can say with confidence that your books are among the best;)

I was just on your blog and i was supposed to just email you to be notified about the release date.
but i also wanted to say that i LOVE LOVE LOVE it,
i love the darkness and intensity of the book.
i love the fierceness and extremity of the storyline.
 i love the delicate and tense atmosphere.
i love Haph and Gerrard, the clumsy and blundering pair.
i love the power vibrating from each word.

I've introduced it to my little brother and read the whole book out loud for him and he would lie quiet next to me listening every words.

Now ending my endless chatter and going back to the original purpose of this email; please let me know when the book will be published. (pretty please) I have no doubt that the last book will be equally, if not more, brilliant^^I'm both very sad and very happy that the series has been completed but i will definitely support your future works.  Please keep writing^^

((Dear biggest fan, thank you so much!! Letters like yours keep writers writing. I also want to tell you this:  You are good with words. I could hear a voice while I read this. Your voice. It touched my heart. You are a good writer...!))

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