Saturday, February 16, 2013

Consultations and critiques

I have added a new level of consultation services this year, aimed specifically at authors who are getting requests for full manuscripts from agents and editors....and then receiving  a pile of  "Interesting premise but not quite ready" responses.  

This is me, after the National Book Award people called me, trying to believe that it happened.  

It is not a detailed, marked up, beginners' critique focused on craft. I read your book, whole, and respond with specific suggestions to make it impossible to put down. If you have skills that need sharpening to pull it off, we work with that. We will Skype or phone to go over everything real-time... I will ask what you meant to do, and help you do THAT.

I do this in my spare time....and there isn't a lot of that.  Two or three people a month, tops. So if you are interested:  Contact me:   kathleen duey at earthlink dot net

I don't like to quote final fees until we talk. I don't have a cookie-cutter approach to this. I want to focus on each writer's needs.

I do critiques of  smaller writing samples for people who need skill-help.

and this explains why I began helping writers outside my usual conference appearances:

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