Thursday, April 04, 2013

Every morning I check email. This morning, among the fan mail, there was an especially kind letter from a reader in France who loved my books and was learning to speak English in part so that she could read my work in English. I skimmed her letter, then went down though other emails, answered a few business things,  cleaned out a few ads, etc, then went back to answer the fanmail and it was all there....except for the letter from France.

I tried to find it, and I have no idea how I lost it, but I did. So I apologize.

Dear reader in France, in case you read this blog, I want to thank you for the kind words and for liking my books and taking the time to write me. Your English is far better than my French will ever be and you made me smile. Thank you.

All best wishes,


K-rine said...

Hey !
Your post gives me to smile because… I’m French, me too, and I follow your blog with interest (but I use “Google translate” ^^) !
You have a big community of fans in France which waits impatiently for your new books… but... we need a translator... and a translator sets a lot of time to translate your book.
So... I thank you for pleasure what you give us.
[Sorry for my bad english... I don’t know if my sentences mean something ^^]

kathleen duey said...

Thank you, K-rine. It makes me so happy to know French readers like my books.

I used Google Translate to make my comment on your blog. Are you a writer? I hope you could understand my message.

K-rine said...

You're welcome. It's strange ! It's the first time that I speak with an author who doesn't speak french. I'm so happy !!

Yes, I try to write novels but I don't think of being a writer as you (I'm too young ^^). Maybe in time :)

kathleen duey said...

K-rine, I am glad you are a young writer. Writing is a very interesting profession. You must learn about life and love and everything else. So it is never routine. Each book is different.

Good luck!

401Buttons said...

Hi Kathleen!
You probably have no idea who I am. Today I got to skype with you and my some of my peers! I just wanted to say how very thankful I am the way you so very kindly answered my questions. I really appreciated how straight forward you are, and thank you for not sugar coating things.
I'm a 16 year old kid who has some sort of a novel going on, and your words and advice were beyond helpful. Over the past month, I had been going through a little rough patch, and lost motivation to write, but today, with your words, and just actually skpying with us, gave me the courage and motivation to keep on writing. Thank you so so much.

kathleen duey said...

401Buttons:: Thanks so much for getting in touch. I remember you. I loved talking to all of you...the hour was too short. There were a lot of deep hearts in that room, voices that need to be heard. I could feel it.

I am really glad to know you are getting back to your novel! It is hard to write a book. Every professional writer I know gets stuck, distracted, discouraged. And then we go write....

401Buttons said...

Oh goodness, I really can't believe you replied.
*Internal fan girl scream*
Back to what you said, there definitely was a lot of people that would have liked to say something, but were too shy and nervous too. Also, there were a lot of interuptions like the announcements that were being made!
I really hope that my librarian sets up another skype session when we finish reading Sacred Scars :)

kathleen duey said...


I would love to come back and Skype
with all of you after you finish Sacred Scars! I hope it can work out.If it doesn't, and you have questions, you can ask me here: kathleen duey at earthlink dot net. I can't always answer instantly, but I will answer...

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