Sunday, April 06, 2014

My great grand parents. Once in a while I think about them and realize that if either of them had not survived the Civil War....I would never have been born. 

My great grandmother was Cherokee/African. My Irish grandfather fell in love with her. So he fought for the North, lived two years in a  starvation prison in the south....then came home stick-skinny and sad ..... and found her waiting. 


Amanda Warne said...

History is so fascinating, especially when you're directly related to it. I've often adapted some quirky behaviour or catch-phrases that my family use to say into my own characters. Its my way of paying homage to my own family.

kathleen duey said...

Me, too, Amanda....for all the same reasons.

Jennifer DuBose said...

Thanks for sharing this picture, Kathleen! Fun to see the folks about which you spoke on Saturday. I love how, though I imagine they're tired of posing for this pic (as it took forever for those old photos to 'take'), your ggparents' heads are inclined in the other's direction. What a lovely story and legacy.