Monday, June 09, 2014

water, wind, writing and staying alive.

This is a beach off the coast of Morocco. I was there to talk to students about writing.  Sifting through pictures that would make sense with today's topic I grabbed this one because just looking at it reminded me of the sound of the water that day. It wasn't rolling onto the beach, it was attacking it, pounding the sand, roaring.  And that kind of fury is stabbing at me this morning. Most of the people I am writing about in Limori are beyond fear. All but one. And that  is the one I will follow home today once the writing is done. We need to talk.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathleen - Will you publish the 3rd book in the trilogy - I am sure your reading public will just want to know whether to wait or to let it go.... that is how I feel about it. I would like to know how it ends- but sometimes there really is no ending.

kathleen duey said...

Hello and thanks for checking in. I am working on it now...almost tossing the HUGE first draft aside. Now I know where a lot of the characters went, how they ended up and I can condense some of that and focus on what matters most to me and most readers. Thank you SO much for waiting. It won't be fast, I don't write anything fast....but it will happen. all best and thanks!!