Thursday, August 09, 2007

the dream experiment

art copyright David Ho 2006
Dream experiment update

My dreams are now often set in the world where A Resurrection of Magic takes place. I wake up tired, sometimes, then remember why.
In the dreams...
...inside the cliffs, the place looks like David Ho's cover art, like I always saw it, dark, cold, stone-grit underfoot. The city of Limori, I realize now, is much like Fez, Morocco, mixed with the old, white washed adobes of New Mexico, the people dressed like Dickensian characters who have been transported to a bright, coastal town.
The countryside is pure Colorado. I noticed cottonwood trees last night, then, when the dream swooped me back to Sadima's village up in the hills, there were aspens. Not possible at that altitude, but I apparently don't care.

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