Tuesday, August 14, 2007

They are now two weeks older than in the image here. More pics when I get a minute and I do mean a minute of spare time. They now have needley, quick teeth, insane energy and breath that smells like a summer day in deep, soft grass. They have velvet bellies and a great sense of humor and I love them....
...and they are much like 2 year old children. Outside, they run three different directions, seem not to know I am calling them, no, it's worse than that, they refuse to acknowledge that we have ever met. They just keep galloping, like miniature polar bears, until a fence, a thicket of lavender, a palm trunk, until my outstretched hands bring them, one at a time, to an unwilling, fish-wriggle halt. Carrying all three is nearly impossible now--but I can't leave any of them alone for more than a few seconds.

The next title in A Resurrection of Magic is going well, thanks for asking. An unexpected character walked onstage this afternoon, a man who has lived too long and too long alone.

Back to the stone passageways.

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