Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy News.

The deal with S&S Aladdin just closed. I will soon be writing the four book set: The Faeries Promise. It's set in the same place as The Unicorn's Secret, an eight book set, also from Aladdin.
Lord Dunraven's lands were the focus of my dreams in the 3-4th grades. For about 18 months, I went to sleep here and woke up *there*. And when the stars came out there, I would fall asleep and wake up *here*. It was like having two lives. I can't wait to start.
.The picture is the North side of Lord Dunraven's castle (currently in either Bologna or Modena, Italy, my photo notes got lost.) A girl with wings is trapped there and has been for a long, long, time. She has a terrible responsibility. She didn't ask for it, and she doesn't want it. But there it is.


Jen Bradbury said...

Congratulations! Sounds like a great set-up!

janni said...

Yay! That sounds lovely!

kathleen duey said...

Thanks Jen.
I have heard good things about your book somewhere...will go check out your blog...

kathleen duey said...

Janni, assuming you are my friend Janni, not some other Janni: helllooooooo!
Will you be at ALA?