Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This is a ceiling, a dome that is part of a hotel lobby in Abu Dhabi, a hotel built, in part, to receive royal visitors. I took the shot straight up, bending backward to try to get the kaleidoscope effect that was so amazing standing beneath it. The curved balconies are really balconies and the gold is really gold.

This dome found its way into Sacred Scars yesterday. It is now part of the palace in Limori, part of the king's library. The arrangement of the books is designed not for ease of use, but for difficulty. Knowledge is power there. And power, in that world, it not shared. Nor in ours, sadly. Not often enough.


Angela said...

Oh! Wow!
Everyone I know who has visited Abu Dhabi loves it there.
I have to know... the white in the photo....was that the light from above? So cool about the balconies.

I agree with what you said about power!!!

BTW - thank you TONS for your advice and inspiration at Bologna. I kept subbing and my dark quirky MG novel has found an agent!!!!

kathleen duey said...

Angela, hello!

Great News! about the agent.
May it all happen fast for you now...

Yes, yes, it's skylights overhead. I couldn't tell if they were glassed, or open. There is traditional "air conditioning" called Barjeel--an incredible "built in" wind technology used in the region, so maybe they devised something that involves air flow in the dome.

I was there for international school visits. The perks for this children's writing gig are just too amazing.

My best to your whole tribe..


Rita said...

Absolutely gorgeous--and the way you describe how it will fit into your book . . . perfect.

kathleen duey said...

Rita, thanks.

Blogging takes time and it's fun and sometimes I wonder if I am playing when I should be working. It's amazing how many book ideas come while I am doing this, though...