Thursday, November 06, 2008

Lost in translation

Shopping for a French-made kitchen tool, I came across this product description. It's a warning to us all that translation isn't easy...

MIU France Professional Stainless Steel Mandoline
Key features MIU France 18/10 Stainless steel twist. Dishwasher unharmed
Built in 2 mm, 10 mm julienne vegetable blades; adjustable square blades and adjustable waffle blades.

Convenient telephone dial adjusts widths and thicknesses; no more than swapping blades in and come out. Includes stocky storage caseful. Non-slip feet and palm. Stainless steel refuge bearer.
Complete statement by the hand put up be downloaded hither:

MIU France's Professional Stainless Steel Mandoline really is the flagship posture of the Mandoline run along. Instead of the removeable blades set in other models that feature to be swapped come out to exchange cuts, the Professional Stainless Steel edition is completely sef-contained. There's no talents to slack or stay fresh caterpillar tread of, and heaviness and breadth is go down by the leisurely to habituate telephone dial on the face of the mandoline. Just same homogeneous models that betray with respect to 2 to 3 epochs as a great deal, you tin apace shift betwixt julienne vegetable, square and waffle cuts every part of according to the twitch of a lever tumbler. The consummate hand-book put up be downloaded hither: . This Professional0 carries a unitary yr manufacturers warrant and storage caseful. This is a unitary clip appropriate force and quantities are modified.

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