Thursday, April 02, 2009

An update, of all things

Here's the scoop.
Garden, mostly planted, weeds, mas o menos under control.

The second Faeries Promise book is mostly written--another week or so.

Sacred Scars needs a few more hours in response to the final copy edit and it's off to production.

Russet (see post below) is ongoing and absorbing. I usually write fast and furious, but this is totally without a net and I can't explain how great that feels. How real.

Free Rat is stalled, but it won't stay that way. The science is burgeoning. My premise becomes more and more probable.

STAYS is growing into a great book. Should have the first 60 or so pages together by month's end.
The Unicorn short story (currently titled The Third Virgin) is lined up for all marked up with notes from my amazing editors' astute comments.

What else. Oh, a new thing, at the talking stages with my oldest and dearest friend. We spent a couple hours Monday walking in long circles in my little town, talking into my dinky digicorder, laughing like loons, doing the writers'-speed-flash-concept-brain-party thing. We have a *great* idea.
Back to work.


Beverley BevenFlorez said...

It's interesting hearing about the various projects you are working on--and their stages. Thanks for sharing!

Also, I'm happy to hear Sacred Scars is almost ready for production. I look forward to reading it.

kathleen duey said...

I tend to have several things going all at once--always.

Just finished the very, very, very last of the little-itty-bitty changes about two hours ago. Sacred Scars is longer--554 pages--and I think it's good. I do. Oh,I hope you like it!!

Angela said...

Can't wait for SS
I had great fun reaidng your blog.

You've tipped the scales I'm going to sign up for twitter just to read your words.

It will have to wait for May or June though....but I know it will be worth waiting for!

kathleen duey said...

Twitter is interesting. Doing the novel there is interesting--tiny little wordbursts and fitting alot in every entry. Good thing Russet is talking regularly, without coaxing.

tinkandalissa said...

I have to say I only joined Twitter for Russet! And he is so interesting. Love it!

C.R. Evers said...

I'm looking soooo forward to SS!

I'm enjoying your Russet story on Twitter too!

Keep'em coming! :0)


Shelli said...

that's alot of updates :)

Vivian said...

I'm so impressed you can juggle all these projects and keep the voice consistent for each work. I'm looking forward to Sacred Scars!

tinkandalissa said...

Yay! I just got Skin Hunger back from my mom who's had it for so long! (We live 350 mi apart, so I had to wait between visits). I cant wait to read it FINALLY! I keep seeing it mentioned on blogs all over the place. This is why I should never loan a book out before I read it. Hopefully I will finish the series I've been reading by the weekend and can dig in Friday or Saturday.

kathleen duey said...

Tinkandlissa and Christy,

I am really happy to know that Russet's story is intriguing you. Every day I am amazed at how the experiment-- "channel-the-character-and-see-what-happens" is working out. I don't give it ten seconds thought when I am not typing what he is saying.Every morning I am really interested to know what he will tell me. Weird. But writers are all little screwy, yes?
If you miss tweets, it's all here:

kathleen duey said...


I really enjoy your blog.

The distinctness of voice, I think, is best managed by letting the charaters talk --not me. I drown in ideas, all the time (not to say they are all good ideas, but a few are) so I have to keep the projects rolling.


kathleen duey said...

Shelli, hello!!!! Hope you are well and that Hotlanta is at least Warmlanta by now...???

It IS a lot of updates, but Twitter Tweets are 140 characters long. Not an single space,dot,comma, or letter past that. So it's a very interesting thing to do--writing a few words and implying many more. I have no idea how long Russet's story will take to write because I have no idea what it is. And I just can't describe how wonderful that is. Also this: No publisher is waiting for it. There is no deadline, no marketing department,no editorial help: it's a story with no restrictions and no goals. And it feels very real to me because of that. Like Russet is whispering in my ear.