Friday, May 01, 2009

Just back from Wisconsin schools. Thanks, Steven's Point and Tigerton. Dearest teachers and librarians: you were all wonderful, and your schools are full of capable, smart kids who care about their world. I admire teachers so much. And librarians. They keep this place running.

((Maybe we should pay them more?))

I will speak at Wisconsin State reading Association 2010 and hope to see you all then.


Angela said...

Kathleen -
so happy to see you are traveling far and wide for school visits!
Lucky students!

kathleen duey said...

I wasn't going to do any this year--workload is high. But I met teachers at WI State Reading Association who'd been planning on an author visit that had unraveled.They were so disappointed that I said I would come. I am so glad I did. Visiting schools helps me remember why I write, and who the audience is.