Sunday, May 10, 2009

the website re-do begins

In the next week or so, I hope to begin a complete re-do of my antique website....

I think I will be using some of my photos as some of the backgrounds.
Actually, I am pretty sure of that part. Little else.

Design-wise, it'd be so good if I only wrote for one age group. But no. I write for K- YA. So there have to be three sections: One for educators/parents/librarians, one for the youngest readers, and one for teens.

So the design challenge is to make each part feel appropriate for the audience and still, somehow, not end up with a crazy-quilt for the whole site.

Updates and maybe a few sneek peeks (you know you can't wait?) will appear here.


Shelli said...

i cant wait - you know I loev marketing stuff :)

kathleen duey said...


You are the genius at it.I took notes while you were speaking..!!

I am dithering a little over how to have the sections work. It would be easier to have two sites--but not really. With the twitter novel and FB and all my other stuff--I can't keep building things that need to be maintained!!!

10:45 AM