Sunday, September 04, 2011

writing updates #6

I have been blogging about the writing process of A Resurrection of Magic. It's a trilogy.Two books are available now. I am writing the third one while you read these words... If I am not asleep.

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A Resurrection of Magic is two stories that go back and forth, every other chapter. There are two protagonists who live in the same city, 200 years apart. The first story causes the second one.



The time lines finally came together last night. It will be very strange for me to know that Hahp and Sadima are breathing the same air, hearing the same thunder, and that, after all that has happened, they might meet. If they can both just stay alive long enough.

(( Adding this later. No. The synchronization was a mirage/misjudged. It took another 11 days for this to be true))

This is the German translation. The cover art is perfect for Sadima today. She is hiding, scared, and sure of what she has to do now. 


Last night I wrote late ~~ and  loose and free~~running to keep up, amazed at the beginnings of a weird thing in Market Square, the tension between sincere people who all believe their way is  the only way...
It is so interesting to write like that, like a reporter recording a war or a famine or an overspill of magic...hearing conversations, seeing the a bystander, not a creator.  These people are real to me.  So even though I read (and appreciate and love) every single message from people who can't wait for me to finish the third book..and even though I know my publishers have been incredibly patient and feel the same way...

I will be very sorry to leave Limori and everyone I love there. I know I am going to feel strange for a while, like I can smell smoke and don't know where the fire is yet. If you live in Southern Ca, you will understand that last sentence. If not: 

I took this shot of smoke-drifts through a plane window on my way home from the amazing Baltimore Book festival last year. The instant I was on the ground I called the fire info # and was told it was on brushland and almost out. THEN I could go get my bag and wait for the shuttle. I don't think I will ever stop wondering about Limori and the people I have come to love there.


9. 9. 2011

Power outage last night...stopping my work abruptly.  But before the lights went out, a really amazing connection between two of the characters emerged. Something I wrote in the first book suddenly made sense to me in the third book. It feels so odd when things like this happen. Like I am  just a set of fingers for the characters to use as they get all this written down, sorted out, recorded accurately.

These are covers from two of my series for young readers. They both come from dreams I had in third and forth grade--incredible, vivid dreams. Every night, I would close my eyes here and wake up there. After adventures with gypsies and dragons and faeries and unicorns, I would find a place to sleep in the woods, in some friend's cottage, in a faerie's tree nest. I would go to sleep there---and open my eyes here, just in time to get ready for school. It was like having two lives.  

Excerpts:: :

Art by Sandara Tang, who is based in Singapore.
If she were closer, I would kiss her on the cheek.


9. 12. 2011

My writing has been interrupted for a couple of days. Back to it today.  Limori feels strange to me--not because I was gone, but because things are  happening in the city that I can't quite see, can't  figure out. I think Somiss has passed some turning point, and has very nearly left his humanity behind. It makes me think about Hitler, Stalin, damaged people corrupted by power into thinking complete, hideous nonsense and somehow believing it.

This is the everglades in Florida. The water/sky resonance is like a trance.  The beauty seeps into your skin and you forget about the alligators and the water moccasins.  



AMAZING writing day yesterday. Hours and hours of typing fast to keep up. So many things are happening at once. The city of Limori is dangerous now, for women, for children, for anyone walking alone.  Hahp needs a way out. Sadima needs a way in. I don't think either one knows what to do now.  I certainly don't..   

Everglades, FL USA   thanks! SCBWI
for the amazing day         

Birds can feel the air changing, fear congealing into anger.

They notice  changes in pitch, in song, in everything.

and they always know  when  it is time to flee.


Angela said...

I love these bits of information. I can't wait to hold the next book in my hands!
They must stay alive & meet & help each other...right?

Anonymous said...


Do you think you'll write any more books set in Limori or that world when you're done "Resurrecting Magic?"

kathleen duey said...

Angela, .....
I hope so. I don't outline, I just follow people around, so I really don't know. I do know that Sadima's whole heart is in this fight. And Hahp's too.

kathleen duey said...

the villaindiluvian:

Maybe. I have a few things in progress with this:

And Eridies fascinates me.

But the voice from the next book is talking to me, too. Would you want to read more about Limori?

molga_muses said...

Kathleen, the fact that you feel like a reporter in Limori makes me want to dive into your world all the more. It means you have created a world that's real and vibrant. So, even though I want to say I can't wait, that would be a lie. I can wait, because when the finished product in finally in my hands I will savor every word and every turn of the page.

Write on, Kathleen, and your fans will wait!

kathleen duey said...

@molga_muses Thank you!!

sammia101 said...

ok i am rereading the second of resurrection of magic and i dont understand 3 thing 1 what was the book gerrard had and will you tlk more about it in the third book. 2 will you ever tell us who gerrard really is i want to know soo badly and 3rd why was that one wizard wearing a white suit....if you could tell me that would be GREAT!! but if the third book is going to tell me than i will just wait until it comes out

kathleen duey said...


You will learn all about those things in the third book---if I do. I already know way more about Gerrard than ever before. But he hides things and he lies...and he is so alone.

tess said...

Kathleen - I know it's all up in the air right now, but do you have an idea of what year book 3 will come out in? 2012, 2013?

kathleen duey said...

I am hoping, striving, working hard to make it 2012--but it will be up to the publisher. They group new releases for specific marketing reasons.

I can't explain how much it means to writers to have books-fans write and ask questions like this one. Thank you!!!

Neda said...

I love this series and I love you Kathleen. You are such an inspirational writer, I can't help but want to write a novel after reading one of your books. I'm honestly smiling right now, thinking about the third book's release. Unfortunately I also feel a pinch of sadness as I remind myself that this book will be the ending.
If the feeling is mutual, then by all means, write a fourth book... and a fifth and sixth...
Your fans will thank you greatly.

kathleen duey said...

Neda, what a lovely message. Thank you!!

I have thought about a fourth book--

If there ever is anything like that, I will announce it here. I know what the next two books will be already and think you will like them, too. I hope so!

Are you writing? If you are, I hope it is going well! Thanks again for the kind words.