Thursday, January 09, 2014

I realized today that it had been FAR too long between updates here. I apologize. I am still working on three things at once!  Most of that time goes to the BIG book.....((Book 3 of A Resurrection of Magic))  which is actually shrinking at this point. The third book of the trilogy will end up to be about half what the initial draft was and I will end up knowing a hundred gazillion things about the characters and their lives and the city of Limori and its history that you won't ... and you will be glad. I promise. I am WAY too fascinated by tiny things. (((And I hope to turn some of  the best oddments into short stories...)))  The second thing is nearing completion and will be off to my agent soon. I love the way it has changed from something odd into something odder still....and far more complicated. While I hold my breath for the agent's response, I will continue to give the big (now shrinking) last book of the trilogy almost all my time.

Russet is the third thing, the twitter novel I began writing SO long ago, then set aside to write the BIG book (that is, I assure you one last time, shrinking now.)

Questions??? Remarks?  Feel free to tell me to hurry it up already. It might help me write faster. Pressure is my friend.   It really is...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  May all good things come to you and your families!

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