Thursday, January 09, 2014


I realized today that it had been FAR too long between updates here. I apologize. I am still working on three things at once!  

Most of that time goes to the BIG book.....((Book 3 of A Resurrection of Magic))  which is actually shrinking at this point. The third book of the trilogy will end up to be about half what the initial draft was and I will end up knowing a hundred gazillion things about the characters and their lives and the city of Limori and its history that you won't ... and you will be glad. I promise. I am WAY too fascinated by tiny things.
(((And I hope to turn some of  the best oddments into short stories...))) 

The second thing is nearing completion and will be off to my agent soon. I love the way it has changed from something odd into something odder still....and far more complicated. While I hold my breath for the agent's response, I will continue to give the big (now shrinking) last book of the trilogy almost all my time.

Russet is the third thing, the twitter novel I began writing SO long ago, then set aside to write the BIG book (that is, I assure you one last time, shrinking now.)

Questions??? Remarks?  Feel free to tell me to hurry it up already. It might help me write faster. Pressure is my friend.  

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  May all good things come to you and your families


Lynk said...

I really do hope this book is finished soon. I was lucky enough to have only discovered the series a few months ago through my local library, and then when I googled when the final book would be released I realized it had been -years- of waiting for some others who discovered it much sooner than I had. My heart goes out to them. The story is so sad at times, that me not knowing the conclusion for any serious length of time would actually be a really upsetting.

I feel like its selfish for me to tell you to hurry up, hurry up, but I can definitely say for the other fans that THE SOONER THE BETTER FOR ALL OF US! (Saying this in a motivational way of course)

After reading the first two books another series I was reading finally released the third and final book in its trilogy and I tried to read it, I really did. I made it through about three chapters, and I couldnt read any more. Whats funny is its also a book that has different characters narrating and they alternate chapters. Something about finishing Sacred Scars really changed how I felt about reading other things, and my desire to finish that series was completely gone. Thats never happened to me before with any book, and Im hoping once I am able to read the final book in your series it will help me to get back in the swing of things where my other reading is concerned.

Anyway! Just wanted you to know that your writing is very impactful, and please do hurry because some of us just NEED to know what happens! :)

kathleen duey said...

The story has dragged me through the woods, too. Thank you for getting in touch. I am writing it as fast as I can.

Karen Smith Henson said...

I'm so excited to hear about the progress on the third book, but I'm also really happy to hear that you have more exciting irons in the fire. (Just...I really want to read Book 3!)

I also really love the idea that you might use the extra facts, characters, and ideas left from Limori as short stories; I'd love the see the world again after the dust settles from the third book. :)

EMME said...

Kathleen, when you finish that third book, PLEASE take a train trip up to L.A. and pay us an author visit at Burbank Public Library! We have all been waiting impatiently for it, and would love to meet you!

Melissa Elliott
teen librarian

kathleen duey said...

Melissa I would LOVE to take a train ride with LIBRARIANS and readers waiting at the other end!!!

Joseph Ramirez said...

Well, since you said I could... Please hurry it up. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year :) Can't wait to read the third book, good luck with finishing it!

Best regards

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the third book to be published! Any idea when this may happen?

Marelda Kelly said...

Dear Kathleen,
I was so lucky to find your first book in the Resurrection of Magic series, in Perth, Western Australia some years ago. I then had to order the second from a shop in England! The story still haunts me and I check in every now and then on your blog to see how you are. I believe you are more than qualified to teach writing to others. Thank you for keeping us updated and I so look forward to reading the finale when it is ready to be born. If you ever head to Perth and are able, I'd love to share some time with you. Kind regards Marelda Kelly, Perth.

kathleen duey said...


Oh you are so kind. I am working on the third book now, and when it stalls, I work on smaller projects.

Sadima is....amazing me--what she has learned, what she intends to do....

If I ever get to Perth, I would love to meet you!


Anonymous said...

I am truly relieved to hear that the third book in "A Resurrection of Magic" is coming out soon is coming out soon. After the first few years, I honestly believed that the book was either on hiatus or the whole project was dropped altogether. Silly me. I should have known you would pull through for your readers. Thank you, and godspeed.