Sunday, December 03, 2006

The dream experiment is ongoing. It has been remarkable. I have not managed a recurring dream/second life yet. But I have gone from remembering almost none of my dreams to remembering what seems like most of them--or most of the one I have closest to waking anyway. Sometimes I can clearly see my personal emotional and intellectual junk in the characters/plots/surreality. Sometimes there is no connection to me that I can determine at all. Those are the most interesting, usually.

I have encountered some of my book characters in the dreams. Two from Skin Hunger, which has been the current project since midsummer, have appeared in the midst of a dream structure. It is weird to recognize them...oddly jarring to see them outside the story I have told about them. It's like seeing a grocery store checker you are friendly with in the library and not making the connection for a few awkward seconds. We have talked, a little. Nonsensical dream stuff. They seem reluctant.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Sorry for the delay. I have finally finished the first title of the YA fantasy.

Remembering my dreams is getting easier. Sometimes they contain characters from my books, usually not. The door back in, for me, has been learning to wakeup and pause, in neutral, for at least a few seconds before I begin thinking. If I can get the feeling--the last emotion of the dream--I can sometimes tug it back toward me and remember a lot of it.

My next step is going to be talking to the dream people, seeing if they will answer me. My characters do and I am not a bit unusual in that. Many fictionalists "hear the voice" of the character before they know what will happen in the book.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Unicorn's Secret

I had the same dream, night after night, for almost two years when I was a girl. Every night, when I fell asleep, I went back to the same place. I had a life there, an amazing life that passed the way anyone's does, a day at a time. When I closed my eyes and fell asleep there I would wake up here. I wrote eight books for children recounting that life a few years ago. Since then, I have been trying to recreate the experience. Last night, I managed it. It isn't clear yet, but I have the important pieces; I know what the world looks like, I can remember the smells and sounds with great detail, and last night was my second visit. So maybe tonight I can go back there a third time. I am hoping.

ART: Copyright Omar Rayyan
from Moonsilver, Book One,
The Unicorn's Secret

too many thoughts

Things strike me, arrest me, and I think about them and come to conclusions, sometimes, or chase my tail or simply get distracted. I never know what to do with these thoughts about writing, life, stuff...

So a blog seems perfect. Perhaps it will be interesting. You never know.