Sunday, December 03, 2006

The dream experiment is ongoing. It has been remarkable. I have not managed a recurring dream/second life yet. But I have gone from remembering almost none of my dreams to remembering what seems like most of them--or most of the one I have closest to waking anyway. Sometimes I can clearly see my personal emotional and intellectual junk in the characters/plots/surreality. Sometimes there is no connection to me that I can determine at all. Those are the most interesting, usually.

I have encountered some of my book characters in the dreams. Two from Skin Hunger, which has been the current project since midsummer, have appeared in the midst of a dream structure. It is weird to recognize them...oddly jarring to see them outside the story I have told about them. It's like seeing a grocery store checker you are friendly with in the library and not making the connection for a few awkward seconds. We have talked, a little. Nonsensical dream stuff. They seem reluctant.