Sunday, July 15, 2007

February?? July???

I haven't posted in many months.

Time flies when you are writing and traveling? It must. Anyone interested in the pictures from Dubai and Abu Dhabi can see some of them on just scroll down past the puppies and all that has stacked up above them. Anyone who wants to see the whole messy slide show can email me at kathleen at kathleenduey dot com--and I will send you the easyshare link.

Worklife: I will turn in the draft of the second Resurrection of Magic book early Fall. Reviews are coming in on the first one and I am relieved--and thrilled.
It is the oddest thing to read what other people think of your work... sometimes they see what you meant to paint, other times, they see something you didn't intend, which can be more interesting than the things you did intend...

The second book is taking turns I didn't expect. I feel like I am living in that world now, that I just visit this one a few times a day to eat, shower, maybe rest a little, before I go back. It is a harrowing place, but I love it there.