Friday, September 11, 2009

Website in progress....YAY!!! and HELP!!!! and Prizes for the Helpfulest!!!

For years I have been so busy writing and being here, FB, MySpace, Twitter, etc, that I have let my antique website become... antiquier. But now I am excited to announce that a new one is in progress.

One difficult thing for the designer, Theo Black, is that I write for K-YA. I worried about finding a visual thematic thread that would not scare little kids but wouldn't distance/insult YA readers---but Theo has found a way!

So. What do you like to see on author's websites? What is annoying? What would you like to see on mine?

I am considering having short stories set in the same venues as my fantasy a sample, I guess, and perhaps fun for people who have already read and liked the books. Or taking stuff that didn't make it into the book and expanding it. Stories built on outtakes, I mean. Yes? No?

And what else would be good (or bad) ?

I would so appreciate and/all your thoughts/ideas/wild suggestions. Feel free to comment here or email me kathleen (at) kathleenduey (dot) com. The best idea gets a signed copy of whatever book you want a signed copy of!!!
Scroll down here to see almost everything I have ever written (and check out other authors, too)

A few of these books would be impossible--but only a few. (Forgive me, but US only on the book prize, eternal gratitude and a one page sneakpeek from book 3 (the book that has no name...yet) everywhere else.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Just a tiny selection of costumes...I could have done nothing BUT take pictures, but had to make it to my panels and eat and whatnot...

Monday, September 07, 2009


Just got back, minutes ago, all bleary and tired. I DO have some pics and will have them up soooon....

Highlights: (short list)

The amazing people who met to talk about Skin Hunger....wowohwow was it interesting to listen to all of your thoughts. Thanks so, so much!!!

Steam Punk...between Scott Westerfeld's amazing upcoming (or is it out? It's SOON) Leviathan, and the incredible costumes at the con, I fell myself leaning....

And then I thought....Bio Punk???
Or Pink Punk?


more soon.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Very much looking forward to being at DragonCon in Atlanta Thursday-Monday. So many interesting artists and writers coming and just general Con-goodness!!

YA track schedule:

Whole event info:

I will bring back ideas, artist's cards, adventures in mass transit, worldcab interviews, a worn-out me, and pix.

And will edit The Faeries Promise (Book 2, Wishes) on the plane.

((I owe this trip to Holly Black, Justine Larbalestier, and Scott Westerfeld who were all kind enough (I have been told) to talk up Skin Hunger when they attended DragonCon--thus tagging me on the YA track folks' map.))

They are all remarkable writers.

If you have not seen the trailer for Scott's too, too, cool Leviathan, go now and do so!

If you have not read the incredible thriller LIAR by Justine check it out. here.

Holly's amazing books are here and The White Cat is next up. It is astonishing. Trust me.