Tuesday, March 02, 2010


The image is from http://www.kathleenduey.com/ Theo Black created it as downloadable wallpaper. It is the pattern of the Eridian tattoos which were not part of the books until cover artist David Ho added them to the sketches for the cover of Skin Hunger, which made me find a place for them in the story.... Thanks, David!

Stuff happened. The whole day turned upside down. But I still wrote about 10 pages. Today, I pin the ending on it. THEN back to Limori full (or nearly full) time tomorrow. I love these Faerie books, but I am really looking forward to getting back to the trilogy. So many unaswered questions. I don't know who Gerrard is, how he knows what he knows. And I think the answer is not the obvious one.

3/14/2010 My subconscious seems to know that today should be the last day writing The Faeries Promise: The Full Moon (and I LOVE the ending now). But as I work, like, every ten minutes, I have to grab the digicorder and outline things that are coming to me about Sadima, about how something she did almost 200 years ago is pivotal to what she is doing NOW. I can't wait to be full time on A Resurrection of Magic again. Tomorrow should be the day! Thanks to everyone contacting me about the books. I can't tell you how much it helps me  write.

3/5/2010 After three tries, I think I have the ending paced out now.  The back-up-and-rewrite will be a hard slog, but worth it.

3/4 Off to a slow start today, but a start nonetheless.  Alida is caught between tradition and revolution for the faeries--and afraid of both.

3/2/2010  7:07 pm
I am nearly finished with The Faeries Promise.  ((How many times have I said this??)).  Welcome to the Land of Writing.  Nothing here goes as planned. Time is like taffy and calendars are often useless. I didn't cause the delay and can only work long hours and hope to keep up.

Mornings are going to the faeries,  I spend afternoons and evenings in the city of Limori . Sadima, Hahp and Gerrard--who remains a mystery to me--are coming closer and closer together in time. I am about to go back to them now...

Robin Wasserman has been interviewed about the inspiration/origin of her book Skinned, and more. She says very nice things about my books, too, which means a great deal to me, coming from a writer I admire.

back to work.