Saturday, October 06, 2007

Writing like crazy. No. Really. Like crazy. I am late with the second volume of A Resurrection of Magic. Long story why, there are personal and other reasons. Most recent (yesterday) and funniest: my septic tank died. I will spare you the details. No, I won't. It is ten long strides away from my office. Machinery, people digging ditches, yuckiness, olfactory torture and $ leaving my hands--all this is in my future.

The title came to me though. Finally. And it came to me when I was staring down the throat of this fern, enchanted/dizzy.

Sacred Scars.
It fits perfectly. Ferns are very wise. It took me half a day to realize that Sadima's home, the little hill farm village in the book is called...Ferne. It made me shiver, realizing that. When the story is dragging the writer along by her subconscious...that is usually when it is truly working.
back to writing. A thousand kisses to everyone writing to me about Skin Hunger. I am hurrying and I think Sacred Scars will be worth the wait.


Rita said...

Oh...I forgot to tell you what a perfect title Skin Hunger is. (Not that you need to be told!) Such a provocative title, always making me want to read. When I finally figured out what it referred to, it became more perfect than ever.

As I'm sure will be true with this one. :)


kathleen duey said...
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kathleen duey said...

I deleted the first one because I couldn't figure out how to edit a spelling error. Sigh. There has to be a way. Here it is again...

Thanks, Rita! I worked hard to find that title. The next one will be Sacred Scars, also perfect for the story, I think. Thanks so much for your kind words about the book. It means the world to me.