Thursday, November 06, 2014

Limori: Book Three Post # 18

Both Sadima and Hahp are sitting in the dark far away from each other. They have never met but they are both afraid of the magicians.

The boys are still inside the cliffs and have been there so long they are starting to wonder if any of their parents are still alive.

Sadima is hundreds of years old now and afraid that the Eridians and Thomas Marsham will hate her for bringing magic into their lives.

...........I wonder all of that, too....and now I will get back to Limori.


Connie said...

Yes please get back to Limori

kathleen duey said...

Yes. I am. Almost all day every day....thanks for the push!!!

Anonymous said...

OH wow, I followed a google link to your blog, hoping to find info on book 3! I am so excited and anxious to see that you are moving onto the production process for book 3. Your books are so unique and dark and lush and just wonderfully written, I've been enthralled and waiting for such a long time! These little tiny tidbits of information are just wonderful to stumble on!

kathleen duey said...

THANK YOU!!! for taking the time to find the book in progress. It is going slow...I am so sorry for the delay. There are lots of reasons, family, etc but the truth is I write slowly....I am working hard to make it amazing....and that takes more time than anything else.
I put up updates and posts here when I can. I am on FB (kathleen duey) and sometimes talk a little about the book there...again, thanks. It helps!!